Humanitarian U provides training support for humanitarian workers and organisations. 

Whether it may be real-time field evaluations that highlight gaps in preparedness, or the development of custom made programs or field based simulations, we will provide you with the right training solutions to meet your needs. 

From the classroom to the field, we track performance throughout to ensure you are well equipped to face challenges in the field with professionalism, confidence, competency and compassion.

Let us work with you to foster a skilled and professional humanitarian workforce, one training at a time. 

Comprehensive, Innovative e-Learning Programs


Our educational body is the only one of its kind to integrate a competency-based approach to its online courses. Each course is defined by a set of competencies that mirrors and builds on existing literature and competency frameworks as developed by leading humanitarian organizations.

Students must meet rigorous, competency-based objectives and performance metrics to successfully complete our programs and receive a certificate. These high standards ensure that our graduates are the best prepared, and most sought-after, humanitarian aid workers.

Our online programs equip humanitarians with the insight and real-world knowledge required to face the most challenging situations with safer, more dynamic solutions.

Self-directed and self-paced, our programs are accessible via mobile technology anytime and anywhere—even in the most remote and challenging situations worldwide.

Our instructors are among the most respected professionals working today in the humanitarian sector, with extensive field experience and insight into best practices.


We are a trusted source of eLearning training for our many clients—from internationally recognized humanitarian groups to leading universities—who have integrated Humanitarian U’s programs into their training and academic curriculum. Together we have increased the effectiveness, preparedness and safety of humanitarians across the globe.


Partnering with Global Leaders